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Solar Power Options in Orange City, FL

On Point All Services is a leading provider of solar power installations in Orange City, FL. We offer various solar power options, including hybrid water heaters, solar attic fans, solar pool panels, and radiant barriers that help residential and commercial customers reduce energy costs. We serve customers in all of Volusia County, including the DeBary, DeLand, Deltona, and Lake Helen areas.

Solar Power Installations are on the Rise

The number of solar power installations in Florida has grown significantly over the last five years, ranking the state 4th in the nation. Many homes and businesses are considering various solar power options to reduce energy costs. By harvesting the sun’s energy, homes and businesses no longer must rely on their local utility for electricity. Not only can solar power cut utility costs, but homeowners can sell unused energy back to the local utility.

Hybrid Water Heaters

A hybrid water heater is more energy-efficient because it draws heat from the outside air into the evaporator coil instead of electricity. As a result, it is an excellent appliance in climates like Central Florida that have year-round warm temperatures. Its innovative technology provides the same amount of hot water as a traditional water heater without the high cost of electricity.

Solar Attic Fans

Summer-time roof temperatures can reach up to 150°F, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Our ultra-quiet solar-powered attic turbine fans keep attics and roofs cooler, saving energy costs and reducing wear and tear on air conditioning systems. Solar attic fans also reduce moisture, inhibiting mold and bacteria growth prolonging the lifespan of roofing materials.

Solar Pool Panels

Solar pool panels allow homeowners to enjoy the comforts of a year-round heated swimming pool without incurring utility costs. The solar panels are installed on the roof and use the sun’s energy to heat the swimming pool.

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers reflect up to 97% of solar radiation to keep your roof and attic up to 30°F cooler. Cooler roof temperatures translate into lower energy bills. A radiant barrier also reduces the workload of HVAC equipment cycling less frequently to maintain the desired temperature.

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